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By U. Nkechi Nwachukwu, Esq. | February 10, 2021

              When it comes to estate planning, the first question I ask my client is not, “Do you have a will?”  Instead, I start by asking, “What is your will?”  For in the truest sense, we all have a will—that is—a desire, a wish for the wellbeing of ourselves and our loved ones, a hope for our future, and a vision of what we’d like our lives to look like.

              When I ask, “What is your will?”, my clients are free to respond any way they wish and as I listen (and take notes), I gain glimpses into their backgrounds, their personalities, their hopes and their dreams.  This forms the foundation for their estate plan, for now the core of their intention is becoming concrete.

              From there, we go into specifics: What is your will for your children?  Do you have visions of them taking over the family business?  Do you wish to support them in an entrepreneurial endeavor?  Is college in their future?  If so, would you like to set up a trust that can fund the downpayment of a multifamily home—that way they can live in one unit during college and rent out the rest to help pay for tuition and books?

              Now, what is your vision for your community?  Your church?  …Your pet?

              By recognizing and harnessing the power of your intention—your will—together we can tailor a comprehensive estate plan that preserves the assets you wish to protect and ensures that your intentions are known and honored, both during your lifetime and even after death.  Our main goal is that “Thy will be done”.

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